This will vary depending where you work. In the first instance, you should speak to your appraiser or Responsible Officer (RO) about your organisation’s forms or procedures for recording your supporting information and/or the appraisal discussion. Some trusts may decide to purchase an electronic integrated appraisal and revalidation system which will include appraisal forms. Your RO will confirm what is expected of you. 

Doctors working in England can refer to the NHS England Revalidation webpages for further information.

For doctors working in Scotland, the SOAR system applies to appraisal.

Doctors working in Wales use the MARS system for appraisal.

For doctors working in Northern Ireland please refer to the DHSSPS website.

Our email helpdesk can advise you on the e-portfolio systems which may be relevant to you, once you have established what systems your RO will expect you to use.