Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration (CESR)

Comprehensive information about the Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration (CESR) and the Combined Programme (CESR CP) is available on the General Medical Council and JRCPTB websites.

Doctors in LAS posts can access e-portfolio by contacting JRCPTB directly.

CESR: How you can succeed

We have recorded talks available on the Education Portal with advice on CESR applications. These talks are open to Members and non-Members alike so please share this link with colleagues.
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LAS Doctors: E-portfolio access

We have received a number of enquiries from doctors in LAS posts asking about whether they can access the e-portfolio. This is possible, and doctors need to contact JRCPTB directly at eportfolioteam@jrcptb.org.uk (link sends e-mail) in order to pay subscription and gain access.

The fee for one year’s access to the e-portfolio is £169 but is subject to change. Please visit the JRCPTB website for up to date fees and full details.