Being the ‘med reg’: an exploration of junior doctors’ perceptions of the medical registrar role

The role of the medical registrar is challenging and acknowledged as being a disincentive to a career in medicine for some junior doctors. We set out to build a broader understanding of the role through exploration of Foundation Doctors’ and Core Medical Trainees’ perceptions of the role. Data, gathered from focus groups, were analysed using a framework approach. Six key themes were identified, which were grouped under the headings ‘perceptions of the medical registrar role’ and ‘transition into the role’.

Shaping the future of our training

The Shape of Training Review proposed fundamental changes to the nature and delivery of medical training in the UK. In part this is to respond to the increasing care needs of our ageing population and importantly to address problems within the current system of medical training. Concerns have been raised by trainees over the process and outcome of the Review, and the RCPE’s Trainees & Members’ Committee has worked to ensure that the views and experiences of medical trainees from across the UK have been represented.

Geriatrics for juniors: tomorrow’s geriatricians or another lost tribe?

Background: To meet the needs of the ageing population, more geriatric medicine doctors are required. We aimed to determine: (i) career preferences of junior doctors with an interest in geriatric medicine, (ii) factors influencing the likelihood of junior doctors undertaking a career in geriatric medicine and (iii) whether a geriatric medicine conference for junior doctors influenced their views on the specialty and their likelihood of choosing it as a career option.