(9 December 1905 - 22 December 1999)
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Russell A. Palmer was born in the Yukon territory in north west Canada on 9 December 1905. He practiced internal medicine in Vancouver between 1935 and 1985, excepting the time he spent in a medical division during World War Two.

Whilst a faculty member of the University of British Columbia Palmer was instrumental in developing an artificial kidney machine and a catheter for prolonged peritoneal dialysis. He was recognised by both the Kidney Foundation of Canada and the AMA for his pioneering work in haemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis.

Palmer  was the first honorary member of the Canadian Society of Nephrologists. He also held the position of Governor of the British Columbia Chapter of the American College of Physicians. Palmer died on 22 December 1999, aged 94.

Notable Achievements

BA Columbia 1926, MD McGill 1931, MRCPE 1946, FRCP Can. 1947, Fellowship 1956 FACP 1948 (Master 1975)