Department of Health, Social Services & Public Safety (DHSSPS)
Friday, 26 October, 2012

This document proposes an updated Strategic Direction for Public Health for the next 10 years, bringing together actions at government level to improve health and reduce health inequalities, and which will guide implementation at regional and local level.

This is a consultation document and as such is intended to be formative. What this seeks to achieve:

This is a high-level strategic document which seeks to reinvigorate action on current and future public health and wellbeing priorities. It will -

  • build on and promote the values, principles and successes of Investing for Health
  • take account of emerging social, economic and policy developments as well as new bodies of evidence available
  • provide vision and updated strategic direction
  • facilitate whole-government synergy to address the range of key socio-economic factors which influence health and wellbeing
  • provide direction for delivery and implementation at the regional and local levels through partnership working
Download the response by the Federation of the Royal Colleges of the UK