Part 1 examinations

The contingency exam for the Part 1 exam ran entirely online, and very successfully, on 10 November.

The next diet of Part 1 will be on 12 January 2021; to be offered once again as a hybrid model, with candidates sitting it in both standard paper and in online format in the UK and in selected international centres. The majority of international centres will run paper versions only for this diet, but we will look to gradually expand our online offering internationally in successive diets.

Where an online option is being made available, all candidates are being asked to commit at the application stage to either paper or online. Our online provider is unable to provide extra places at short notice, and so unfortunately no transfers from paper to online modalities will be possible should candidates be affected by late cancellations at written centres.

A backup exam will be arranged for candidates affected by written centre cancellations or by technical issues with the online exam. The date of this will be announced soon.

Part 2 examinations

Results for the Part 2 diet which ran on 27 October are due for release on 27 November. We will make every effort to release the results on time; however, due to the unprecedented situation we find ourselves in due to COVID, and as a result of running both paper and online exams which entails significant extra work in results analysis to avoid candidates being disadvtanged, there may be an unavoidable delay in releasing the results. We will let candidates know the results realease date as soon as we possibly can..

A backup exam, to be run entirely online, will be offered to candidates who experienced significant technical issues during the online exam in October. This will run on 8 December. Given the short time window between results release and the backup exam, we advise any candidates who have had significant technical issues in the October online exam to work on the basis that they will be offered the backup exam and to make arrangements accordingly (which may include study leave – which can subsequently be cancelled if not needed).

The next diet of Part 2 will take place on 23 March 2021. This is again planned to be run in hybrid form (both paper and online formats) in the UK and selected international centres, with other international centres running paper only. We are aiming to expand the online offering to some other international centres in successive diets.

Specialty Certificate Exams / European Specialty Exams

Candidates whose exams have been cancelled due to local Covid-19 restrictions will be offered a backup exam. Plans for this are being developed for each specialty, and details will be released specialty by specialty when available.

Still to come between now and the end of 2020 are the SCEs in:

  • Neurology (18 November)
  • Endocrinology & Diabetes (9 December)

Live Twitter chats

Live Q&A sessions about the written exams occur on our Twitter account every second Tuesday afternoon at 3pm (GMT). The next one will occur on Tuesday 17 November.


We welcome feedback. If you have specific queries relating to your exam day please contact the exams office at your College of entry.

For other general queries or suggestions please email