Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh Quality Governance Collaborative commissioned by WHO to help develop healthcare governance in Lithuania

The WHO has commissioned the Quality Governance Collaborative (QGC) at the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh to launch a new Quality Governance Fellowship Programme, designed to investigate the factors which could improve healthcare governance in the Republic of Lithuania.

The Quality Governance Collaborative is an independent, neutral, non-governmental body committed to developing a new, integrated approach to improvement in healthcare. Its innovative WHO-sponsored Fellowship is a new approach to international healthcare education and training for multi-professional groups across healthcare systems.

The collaboration with the Republic of Lithuania will assist doctors and nurses, health service managers, public health professionals, scientists and health board representatives based in the country.

The expert faculty based in Scotland will help develop healthcare governance in Lithuania, by sharing best practice in governance, economics, patient safety, and in medical education and training.

Professor Michael Deighan, Director of the QGC at the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh said:

The QGC is delighted to have been commissioned by the WHO to jointly host the first Lithuanian Quality Governance Fellowship Programme for the Republic of Lithuania.

This Fellowship is a further development of the QGC’s governance activities which includes invited governance reviews, evening events and debates, international conferences and publications.

This inaugural Fellowship cohort follows on from a series of international missions that the QGC undertook in partnership with WHO on quality health governance in designated countries.

The goal of this Fellowship is to encourage the development of governance good practice and enhance the governance skills of fellowship participants and their organisations in the Republic of Lithuania, which could help improve medical education and training, and patient safety.