The MRCP(UK) examinations are recognised around the world as quality benchmarks of medical knowledge and clinical skills. The Federation of Royal Colleges of Physicians of the UK is committed to the continuous improvement of the academic standards of examinations to help ensure the best possible care for patients by highly skilled physicians.

The Federation has taken the decision to increase exam fees from the 2021/04 diet. This increase will apply to candidates sitting Parts 1 and 2 of the MRCP(UK) diploma in the UK and internationally. The fees will increase by £29 to £448 for UK candidates and by £14 to £608 for international candidates.

This increase comes following a seven-year fee freeze put in place in 2014 to support trainees and candidates. Now, as operating costs have continued to rise with inflation this has necessitated the need to reassess the current level. Once in place, the new fee structure will not be reviewed until at least 2023.

Chair of the Federation Board Prof Jackie Taylor said:

“Last year saw the successful introduction of online exams as well as the dedicated support and assistance to those sitting the exam in this way. Offering online exams has required contracting with an external delivery company which has incurred and continues to incur significant expense.

“We recognise that the exams are a substantial cost to candidates in the UK and across the world and hope that the move to online based exams will be much more convenient and negate the need to travel, which will bring down some of these expenditures.”

The Federation is committed to reviewing exam costs on a regular basis and to be as transparent as possible over fees and how this income is used. In April of this year, it announced the investment in new digital systems and improvements to its technical infrastructure in order to greatly improve user experience.  These new technologies will future-proof systems and support Federation staff to provide high-quality, cost-effective customer service that those taking examinations, undertaking medical training and maintaining their continuing professional development expect.

Details of how this increase will be reflected in Part 1 and Part 2 written examination fees for UK candidates will be published on the MRCP(UK) website shortly.

Please see the following information from the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh which describes how income from examination fees help support our strategic activities and the services we provide to our stakeholders:

We have a strong UK and international presence with Fellows and Members based in over 100 countries. We recognise the value of trainees and are here to support you at all stages of your career. The College is a registered charity, supported by our Fellows and Members and through income from examination fees, enabling us to put in place the infrastructure to promote and improve the quality of health and patient care worldwide.

The College offers free membership to medical students and colleagues within the first two years of training and to refugees who are currently living in the UK and who have trained as doctors or who began studying medicine in their home country. This provides access to our vast education programme of specialty and general medical education as well as regular medical and training updates. We offer international access to events and symposia – watch live or catch up on demand at a time to suit you through the Education Portal, which also offers online and blended learning modules.

The College is committed to play our part in international efforts to develop a coordinated strategy towards achieving equity of health status and healthcare provision globally. We facilitate partnerships to support training and education internationally and to enable delivery of high-quality, sustainable healthcare locally in several lower-income countries including Malawi and Zambia.

Our Trainees and Members' Committee is one of the UK's most active and influential trainee groups and it ensures the views and experiences of trainees are represented both within the College and externally to policymakers. Together with our Associate Regional Adviser (ARA) network, this helps to bring physicianly communities together in all regions of the UK, developing a strong ecosystem of College support for our current and future Fellows and Members.