In the summer between leaving school and starting as a medical student at The University of Edinburgh, I wanted to gain experience in a workplace. I was delighted to be offered an internship from the RCPE, as it presented the perfect chance to develop key skills, and to expand my knowledge of careers in Medicine.

In my position with the Education team I edited episodes for the Clinical Conversations, Career Conversations, and Consultant Conversations podcasts. This let me develop podcast editing skills, and also taught me the importance of standard procedures when working. I joined talks and events run by the College such as an International Medical Update (IMU) from Nepal, an Evening Medical Update (EMU) supporting new doctors, and an event from RCPE’s partner organisation, Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems (SHAAP). Seeing the work behind the scenes, editing videos of the talks that were uploaded online, and creating contacts lists to aid promotion gave me an appreciation of the range and depth of education the College offers and the organisation and skills involved from the teams that deliver events.

Throughout my internship I was blown away by how welcoming, friendly, and supportive my colleagues were. From the start I felt included, and there was huge scope within my role to explore domains of the College in which I was particularly interested. This led me to learn more about SHAAP’s work addressing alcohol harms, and I helped to write draft policy positions. I was also able to work with the RCPE Heritage team, writing two blog posts for Black History Month, and becoming involved in their interactions with schools supporting medical school applicants. This has emphasised to me the rewards that can come from pursuing areas in which you are passionate.

I joined members of the Examinations team in the running of the PACES exam (the postgraduate clinical skills exam for physicians), and worked within the College to arrange external advisers for Consultant interview panels. The work I have done has let me deepen my understanding of medical careers, and gain valuable practical and social skills I will be able to take with me in the future. I have learned the worth of structure within a day - how it aids organisation - and have experienced the benefits of clear communication, reinforcing its importance in my mind.

My internship has made me feel motivated and excited about entering a medical career, and has encouraged me to take hold of opportunities available to me. I feel very grateful to the College for the pathways it has opened, and I will continue to build on them moving forwards.



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