2021 consultant and SAS physician census launched

The census provides the three Royal Colleges of Physicians in the UK with essential data that we share with politicians and policy makers to help make the case for change, such as additional consultant and SAS posts and medical school places, improved facilities, and a greater focus on regions in need.

We also share the findings at a provider level with medical directors to help them make informed decisions. It helps us to demonstrate trends in retirement and part-time working, as well as how the physician workforce is spread across the UK. Your data is vital to help build a local and national picture that the three Royal Colleges of Physicians can use to influence change.

If Fellows and Members would like to know more about how we use the data, they can refer to The medical workforce BC (Before COVID-19): the 2019 UK consultant census. Fellows and Members can also download a tool that allows them to examine the data.

We would ask all Fellows and Members to look out for an email from the three Royal Colleges of Physicians, which was sent on Wednesday 6 October 2021. This email enables access to a personalised form. The URL we send is specific to you and should not be passed on to your colleagues.

If you haven’t received your email, or are having difficulties accessing your form, please contact mwucensus@rcp.ac.uk