• All licensed doctors have received formal confirmation from the General Medical Council (GMC) of their revalidation dates.
  • Each revalidating doctor relates to a Responsible Officer (RO) in a 'designated body', usually the Medical Director of the main employing organisation.
    • The RO will make a recommendation to the GMC, based on (usually five) annual appraisals and other relevant local clinical governance information. 
    • If you anticipate problems, please discuss with your RO whether your revalidation date can be delayed.
    • The GMC is able to accept recommendations made by suitable persons on behalf of doctors who do not have a responsible officer and has published information about the role of suitable persons.
  • Before you can start revalidation, you need to advise the GMC of your designated body via an account on GMC Connect.

If you have questions on circumstances such as career breaks or working overseas please visit the College’s revalidation FAQs or contact our helpdesk (link sends e-mail):


ROs make a recommendation based on the results of at least one revalidation related appraisal and local clinical governance information. The GMC’s Guidance for ROs making revalidation recommendations provides clear information on how the process should be delivered locally. There are three types of recommendations:

  1. Recommendation to revalidate
  2. Request to defer the revalidation decision
  3. Failure to recommend revalidation due to a failure on the part of the doctor to engage with the process


Remediation of doctors may be required where performance has given rise to concern. According to the Academy of Medical Royal College's Remediation Working Group report "problems identified with existing remediation provision include failure to address concerns at an early stage, procedural errors and lack of clarity regarding availability of help from specialist organisations".

The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges website contains information on remediation resources provided by Colleges.

All medical Royal Colleges and Faculties provide Supporting Information for Appraisal and Revalidation as well as having Helpdesks to answer questions from Responsible Officers, Doctors and Appraisers.

Supporting information for appraisal

The three UK Royal Colleges of Physicians provide specialist guidance for physicians across the UK on the requirements for supporting information for appraisal.

While the same GMC principles and standards on revalidation apply, the delivery of revalidation is devolved to the different jurisdictions. Consequently, there is variation in the approach to appraisal and the tools available to manage it.

For appraisal information that applies to you, please refer to the area in which you work: 

The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges has published a CPD Guidance framework for appraisers and appraisees to guide appraisers on what they should be considering when reviewing a doctor’s CPD activity and doctors on the things they should expect to be discussed during an effective appraisal meeting.