Further Information: 

All of my friends and family call me HTWAY LAY - it means youngest daughter in my family. I was born in 1988. I studied MBBS degree in Institute of Medicine 1, Yangon starting from 2005 and later I got MRCP degree in 2015. Now I am working in Singapore as a resident physician and my aim is to apply for residency here. When I was young, my aim was to become a chef but now I have become a doctor who can create a smile on the patient’s face. I thought there is not much difference being a chef or a doctor because the purpose is to make a person happy and healthy. My hobby is cooking, studying and doing exercise. I am a practising Buddhist and I believe that god has given me a beautiful life. I am really thankful to the scholarship programme for accepting me and giving me a 50% scholarship. I will surely use the knowledge that I will get from the online course in all of my daily clinical practice.