Further Information: 

I grew up in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and I completed my MBBS in 2011 at the College of Medicine in Malawi. I was fortunate enough to be at a school with strong links to Edinburgh University and medical research, and this inspired me to further my education.

I am currently a Medical Officer in the Department of Internal Medicine at a referral hospital in Lesotho, which is the hospital where I did my internship. The University of Edinburgh is a member of the Russell Group and is a research driven institution. I am very keen on research and I am certain that the skills I will obtain from the research courses will allow me to do meaningful research in Lesotho where a large number of diseases remain unstudied.  

It is my hope that with the skills and knowledge obtained from the course I will be in a position to help in the development of tailor made protocols specific to our patient population and available resources.   Additionally, completion of the MSc will give me the added confidence and required skill set to deal with the varied cases that we encounter in the hospital.