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As a doctor practising in Antigua, I strive to make a positive difference and to provide the best healthcare service I can for patients. I dedicate a great deal of my time to voluntary missionary work – and spent time practising in Haiti (during 2010’s devastating earthquake), and also in South America. As a result of my skills and experience, I was recently appointed to serve on a special committee for the local Ministry of Health and am being considered for a position within the Internal Medicine department.

The MSc will make a huge difference to the service I can offer to my people. The people of Antigua and Barbuda have limited access to specialist advice – often travelling to neighbouring countries for this. Undertaking the MSc will enable me to provide increased skills, knowledge and experience to patients and help to improve healthcare within the country.

This is truly a unique opportunity to appreciate and realise my career goals. I am so grateful to the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh and to the University of Edinburgh for this life/career changing opportunity.