Further Information: 

I am a Canadian who is a British-trained doctor. I pursued medicine (6-year BScMedSci/MB ChB programme) in the United Kingdom directly after completing my high school education in Toronto. I did my pre-clinical training at University of St Andrews and graduated with Bachelor of Science in Medicine, First Class Honours (BMedSci Hons). I completed my honours dissertation in molecular oncology and drug development. I continued my clinical training at University of Edinburgh (MB ChB). Being an individual who enjoys the intellectual challenge of delivering comprehensive care for both acute and chronic multi-system illnesses, with an emphasis on deductive-reasoning, critical-thinking, problem solving, and evidence-based medicine, all combined with the satisfaction of an effective and longitudinal patient-doctor relationship, I found myself ceaselessly drawn to everything related to internal medicine throughout medical school. In particular, my long-term ambition is to pursue fellowship training in Cardiology or Oncology.

The postgraduate residency training in Internal Medicine in North America takes place in a very competitive environment with high levels of expectations and responsibilities. Pursuing the MSc at this stage of my medical career, as a young doctor, will be a great asset to my learning and development as a competent, mature, and excelling clinician. This flexible and innovative course will greatly complement and enhance my residency experience by allowing me to gain a pivotal array of knowledge and skills needed to advance patient care and management. The MSc will especially, play a vital role in my care of increasingly complex patients with problems that cross specialties. The MSc will not only mould me into an ‘encyclopaedic’ clinician, but also into a scholar, collaborator, educator, and most importantly, an advocate for my patients.

From my time as a medical student, I was exposed to state of the art research centres in the UK and abroad, and have remained actively involved in both clinical and laboratory research. I aspire to continue to conduct research in parallel to my postgraduate training, with particular focus on regenerative medicine, tissue engineering, drug discovery, and preventive medicine. Therefore, the final-year dissertation towards the MSc, especially, is highly valuable and provides me with the ideal prospect to explore, conduct and showcase research of my interest.

I am very thankful for receiving the RCPE scholarship and I am extremely proud of pursuing a world-class degree as a RCPE scholar from internationally renowned institutions (Royal College of Physicians Edinburgh and the University of Edinburgh).