Further Information: 

Completing my medical degree at University of Dundee in 2000, I spent several years gaining experience in various specialties before deciding to specialise in Family Medicine.  Following my residency, I spent some time working as a locum GP and an expedition doctor.

I went on to complete a Masters degree in Tropical Medicine and a Masters of Philosophy in Bioscience Enterprise at Liverpool and Cambridge respectively.

Since 2009 I have been working as a family physician in rural Canada. Due to the remote nature of the location, I often have to deal with complex medical problems with little specialist support. The MSc in Internal Medicine will enhance my knowledge and skills in this area and I’m confident I will be able to provide enhanced care to the patients I am responsible for.

I am delighted to have this opportunity and grateful to RCPE for supporting me in continuing my professional development with University of Edinburgh’s MSc in Internal Medicine.

Diploma in Internal Medicine – Post-course Report

I found the course to be both practical and intellectually stimulating. Not only did I update my internal medicine knowledge, I was able to apply this knowledge to my practice. The weekly case discussion was particularly interesting as we discussed the practical management of both common and unusual conditions. I learned from colleagues coming from all over the world.

The modular nature of the course allowed for some options, and I was able to select the modules that interest me most, which were Oncology and Respiratory Medicine. I refreshed my knowledge on basic science in the former, and learned more about the many new treatments available for cancer patients. The Respiratory Module was particularly helpful for guiding my management of respiratory infection, which I encounter frequently in my clinic and emergency department.

Finally, the course has provided me with a basic understanding of medical statistics and literature search techniques. These skills will serve me well in my continuous learning.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the RCPE for their generous support.

January 2016