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K Khadjooi, P Scott, L Jones
Journal Issue: 
Volume 42: Issue 2: 2012



Medical students are often faced with stressors such as high work demands, numerous assessments, placements and career choices. Using the results of a questionnaire we examined medical students’ attitudes and choices surrounding the impact of pregnancy and parenthood on studying medicine. Many questionnaire respondents (77.6%) believe that the decision to have a child is influenced by studying medicine; 23% have delayed becoming a parent and 7.5% have chosen not to have children. The four most common factors considered to be barriers for parent/pregnant medical students are lack of time, financial difficulties, the stressful and demanding nature of the course and social factors. Almost 90% of the respondents were not aware of the support available for pregnant students/parents. Specialised, well-publicised and easily accessible support services as well as flexibility in their training programme and clinical placements can ensure full and successful participation of pregnant/parent medical students in learning.