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JM Atkinson, E Tullo, H Mitchison, MS Pearce, N Kumar
Journal Issue: 
Volume 42: Issue 2: 2012



Purpose: To compare three separate assessment stations used for selection to Core Medical Training (CMT) and to determine the effect of reducing the number from three to two.Methods: Quantitative analysis of candidates’ assessment station scores, financial analysis of costs of the selection process and quantitative and qualitative surveys of candidates and assessors.Results: The assessment stations used for selection to CMT were reliable and valid for assessing suitability for employment as a CMT trainee. There was no significant difference in candidate ranking if only two assessment stations were used rather than three, i.e. there was no change in the likelihood of receiving a job offer. All of the assessment stations were perceived to have face validity by candidates and assessors. The efficiency of the selection process could be improved without loss of quality if two stations were used rather than three.Conclusions: Using two assessment stations rather than three would appear to improve the efficiency and maintain the quality of the CMT selection process while reducing costs.