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We hope that every issue contains papers with the medical variety and interest to appeal to our international readership, inspire other quality contributions and generate debate.In this issue Professor Luft and colleagues will perhaps cause controversy by asking for Sir William Osler’s support from beyond the grave. Would Osler have used his budget to fund clinically unnecessary tests if the results might have had educational and academic interest? Historians, geneticists and clinicians will undoubtedly have views on that.Our regular current controversy section concerns the ethics and cost of methadone replacement therapy as well as its efficacy, with Dr Roy Robertson arguing in favour and Dr AM Daniels against. We also have a review of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders as well as a look at Parkinson’s disease in the acute hospital setting and an insight into common misconceptions about shaking and its links with epilepsy.In the History section we present an interesting article debating whether AJ Cronin, in his novel, The Citadel, influenced UK thoughts on a future NHS.We are always pleased to hear from our readership and hope that you will join these discussions and share your opinions too.Sandy Raeburn, Editor




History & Medical Humanities