Speaker: Professor Sue Black (University of Dundee)

Forensic anthropology has a relatively long history in

Speaker: Mr Tom Scotland (University of Aberdeen; NHS Grampian)

In 1914, abdominal wounds were managed

Speaker : Professor Emeritus David Purdie (Hull & York University Medical School)

The poet and songwriter

Speaker: Professor Keir Waddington (Cardiff University)

This talk combines history of science, food and

Speaker: Dr Abigail Woods (Imperial College, London)

This talk uses the records of the Pathological Society

Speaker: Dr James Kennaway (Durham University)

Although playing the piano was often seen as a thoroughly

Speaker: Professor Timothy Peters (University of Birmingham)

Considerable doubt has been cast on the claim

Speaker: Prof Vivian Nutton (University College London)

The De humani corporis fabrica of Andreas Vesalius (