Join authors Ambrose Parry (Dr Marisa Haetzman & Chris Brookmyre) to discuss their new historical novel of

Join us to uncover the past and present of festive maladies and find out why this is Santa's most difficult

Speaker: Dr Peter Hobbins, Department of History, University of Sydney

The 1890s were a critical decade in

Speaker: Dr Jennifer Evans, Senior Lecturer in History, University of Hertfordshire

How did men cope with

Speaker: Associate Professor Dr Graham Mooney, Institute of the History of Medicine, John Hopkins University

Speaker: Anna Dhody, Acting Co-Director of the Mütter Museum, Curator of the Mütter Museum, the Director of the

Speaker: John Crichton, Chair of RCPsych in Scotland

Speaker: Professor Chris Philo, Professor of Geography, University of Glasgow

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