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DHA Boyd
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Volume 36: Issue 2: 2006




William  Henderson  was  appointed  professor  of  general  pathology  at Edinburgh  University  and  physician-in-ordinary  to  the  ERI.   He  produced  several papers on clinical and pathological aspects of aortic and heart disease and contributed to the differentiation of typhus and typhoid fevers.  He became a homeopathist and was  at  the  centre  of  a  controversy  surrounding  the  introduction  of  homeopathy  to Edinburgh in the 1840s. This involved the Faculty of Medicine, the RCPE and medical societies as well as medical personalities, prominent among whom were Professor Sir James Y Simpson, Professor Sir Robert Christison and Professor James Syme.  Many Scottish  medical  graduates  were  involved  in  the  introduction  of  homeopathy  to  the British Isles. Glasgow is one of only four UK cities still to have a homeopathic hospital.