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DS Crawford
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Volume 36: Issue 2: 2006




Scottish physician Dugald Christie commenced practice in the city of Mukden (Shenyang) in Manchuria in 1883.  In 1911, he founded the Mukden Medical  College, the  first  Western  medical  school  in  Manchuria.   Edinburgh-trained  physicians  and  surgeons  largely  staffed  the  college  and  in  1934  it became the first foreign university to have its medical degree recognised by the University  of  Edinburgh. It  was  merged  into  the  China  Medical  University (Zhongguo  yi  ke  da  xue)  in  1949.  During  its  separate  existence  the  Mukden Medical  College  brought  modern  medicine  and  medical  education  to northeastern China, and its legacy continues to influence both medical practice and medical education in China.