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All journals must evolve to maintain and extend the interests of their readers. Ours is no exception; we aim to publish stimulating articles on clinical research, medical history and education. All three elements require original articles that are timely, well-planned, evidence-based and clearly documented. Especially relevant at present are good medical practices in the NHS, both new and old. Doctors eligible for the annual Senior Fellows Club prize could well tackle such topics and publicise the value of well-conducted studies. This issue has editorials on communication with dying patients and on the availability of insulin for diabetics worldwide. Then follow papers on diagnosis of subarachnoid aneurisms and some noteworthy clinical symptoms and signs. There are key points from College symposia and an update on the incidence of birth defects in communities favouring cousin marriage. Our history section has additional information on the war career of Sir Ludwig Guttman and, further back in time, a fascinating medical family, originally from Skye, the Beatons/Bethunes, as well as insights on osteoporosis observed in Egyptian mummies. We hope that this menu attracts future quality papers, perhaps stimulated by simple measurable observations.

Sandy Raeburn, Editor




AP Maxwell, K Linden, S O’Donnell, PK Hamilton, GE McVeigh

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History & Medical Humanities