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PJO Stride, N Patel, D Kingston
Journal Issue: 
Volume 43: Issue 3: 2013



Paleopathologists have identified osteoporosis in ancient skeletons and modern physicians and scientists have identified risk factors for osteoporosis today, but they are not clearly linked, making it more difficult to clarify the causes of osteoporosis in the past. The evidence for osteoporosis in the remote past, its causes, and the management of this disease is reviewed in the light of evolving and improving diagnostic modalities, more precise definitions, and the recent rapid expansion of therapeutic options. While the specific effects of parity and lactation on the development of osteoporosis are still not entirely clear, duration of reproductive span and age at first pregnancy appear to be significant predisposing factors.

Keywords Diagenesis, lactation, osteoporosis, paleopathology, pregnancy, skeletons

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