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This issue starts with two editorials which challenge medical practices. The first explores the sensitive transition from paediatric to adult healthcare; the second stresses the paramount importance of consultants making effective diagnostic decisions themselves, rather than referring for someone else to do so. This highlights that the interface between specialists is often both interesting and problematic; nowhere more so than between palliative care specialists and their hospital colleagues (page 8) or between ambulance and emergency services and the wards (page 36). We have a fascinating anthropological view of the evolution of skin colouration, with the optimal balance of two different genes varying depending on latitude and sun exposure. The review on organ donation for transplantation anticipates the future challenges for increasing availability within a robust, transparent, ethical framework. For our historical section we have chosen three papers on pioneers in medicine and science hailing from Dundee, North Berwick and Lima in Peru.With this issue we gratefully thank two of our team, Gillian Mead (Assistant Editor) and Derek Doyle (Obituaries Editor), who are standing down; both have been more than generous with their time for both the Journal and the College. We also announce the first winner of the Senior Fellows’ Club Prize for doctors in training.Sandy Raeburn, Editor



A Aujayeb, H Clague, S Pollock, S Stamenkovic, A Hughes

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DJ Stott (Chair), RI Dewar, CJ Garratt, KE Griffith, NJ Harding, MA James, DA Lane, DR Petty, PA Smith, MH Somerville, J Trueland

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History & Medical Humanities