Journal Mobile

S Johnson, A Cai, P Riley, LM Millar, H McConkey, C Bannister
Journal Issue: 
Volume 42: Issue 1: 2012



Objectives: To evaluate Core Medical Trainees’ (CMTs) opinions on the role of the ePortfolio in postgraduate education.Design and setting: Cross-sectional survey of 91 CMTs in five NHS trusts within the South Thames Deanery.Participants: Completed surveys were received from 80 Core Medical Trainees.Results: A total of 84% agreed that an ongoing record of progress is necessary, only 5% felt the ePortfolio represents value for money; 78% of respondents were unclear as to how the Freedom of Information Act (2000) impacts on the ePortfolio, and most were uninformed of the extent to which their entries can be accessed by third parties.Conclusions: Trainees recognise the importance of recording ongoing progress, but most consider the ePortfolio to be poor value for money. There is uncertainty regarding ownership of information held on ePortfolio, and to what extent it can be accessed. There are inadequate opportunities to discuss concerns. This requires further deliberation and until things are clarified, trainees may not fully engage with the resource.