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K Taylor
Journal Issue: 
Volume 37: Issue 4: 2007




The Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh held its latest Neurology Symposium on 9 November 2006.The topics, summarised in this report, included useful  clinical  approaches  to  some  common  neurological  problems  (blackouts, dizziness, headache, and functional symptoms), original basic and clinical research on  subarachnoid  haemorrhage, a  discussion  of  exciting  new  advances  made  in multiple sclerosis over the last 10 years, and current thinking on the management of  Parkinson’s  disease. Finally, a  debate  on  the  controversial  issue  of  the  role  of NICE  in  neurology  concluded  that  NICE  had  not  enhanced  the  care  of neurological  patients  in  the  UK. However, there  was  a  general  consensus  that
there is an important role for an organisation to appraise neurological healthcare interventions.