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A Seaton
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Volume 37: Issue 4: 2007




Harvey’s scientific method was taken up by his pupils and successors and  led  to  the  discovery  of  carbon  dioxide  and  oxygen  and  their  role  in  animal metabolism. The carbon cycle was discovered in the 19th century and by the end of  that  century  the  role  of  carbon  dioxide  in  the  greenhouse  effect  had  been demonstrated. The  late  20th  century  saw  the  gradual  appreciation  that industrialisation  and  combustion  of  fossil  fuels  were  making  an  important contribution to rising carbon dioxide levels in the amosphere and that the earth's capacity to absorb the excess was limited. We are now at a point where it would be seriously imprudent not to take global action to reduce emissions, in view of the  likely  consequences  of  further  global  climate  change.  All  individuals  in  the prosperous world need to take action to reduce their carbon footprint; paying it lip service is no longer sufficient.