We are proud our College has over 12,000 Fellows and Members worldwide. As a membership organisation we believe it is vital that our activities and the positions we adopt reflect our members' views.

Elected representation

Our elected representatives are:

  • President and Vice Presidents
  • Members of Council
  • Trainees & Members’ Committee
  • Regional Advisers in the UK and Overseas

A number of Faculties are also represented on  the Council.

Other College office bearers are appointed through open advertisement and recruitment from within the Fellowship.

Discovering the views of our members

We carry out targeted surveys of Fellows and Members to inform major strategic or operational decisions.

We also have two-member panels that complete regular, more detailed surveys

  • Trainees & Members’ Online Survey Panel ? over 200 participants (UK-wide, including medical students, trainees at all stages, SAS doctors and recently appointed consultants) provide regular input on on-going training and other issues.
  • Symposium Programme Development Panel ? 160 Fellows and Members comment on draft symposium programmes to ensure our events are relevant to specialty, general and international audiences.

Our membership includes Fellows and Members with particular expertise. We take their advice and comments into account on external policy consultations.

External representation

College is represented on a large number of external medical and health-related bodies. These include the UK and Scottish Academies of Medical Royal Colleges and Faculties.