The Royal Jennerian Society Honorary Diploma

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The Royal Jennerian Society Honorary Diploma
By: J. Dadley
After: G. Ohen
Style: Line Engraving
Dimensions: 26. 3 x 34. 3 cm

This is an Honorary Diploma of the Royal Jennerian Society awarding membership to Edward Knowles Esq. The Royal Jennerian Society was established by Edward Jenner (1749-1823) in 1803. The aim of the society was to vaccinate the general public against smallpox. A statue of Jenner stands to the left of the print above a picture of a milkmaid milking a cow, as it was through an investigation of cowpox that he made his discovery.

Although this is not technically a medical portrait it is interesting as it lists the patrons of the society, including Astley Cooper, Benjamin Travers , William Babington, Matthew Baillie, and Everard Home. Although it became less fashionable during the period to advertise the patrons of medical professionals in their bibliographies the importance of networks of patronage and support is shown here.

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