The Quackery & Discovery box is a challenging collection of objects and archives relating to medical discovery. Many times in history, medical pretenders known as 'quacks' attempted to sell items and objects that appeared to be medical, but were actually useless (or even dangerous) in the healing of an ailing patient.  Students will be required to think critically about whether the objects in this box are a result of medical innovation or quackery. Objects include a ceramic phrenology bust, cupping cups, a bleeding bowl (with a leech!), and a sample of a carbolic suture from the 1800s.

Contents of Quackery & Discovery (pdf)

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Museum in a Box - Loan Contract (pdf)

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Come One, Come All - Worksheet (pdf)

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Diagnosis - Teacher Guide (pdf)

Diagnosis - Worksheet (pdf)

In Someone Else's Shoes - Teacher Guide (pdf)

In Someone Else's Shoes - Worksheet (pdf)

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