Professor Tim Eden is a retired Paediatric and Adolescent Oncologist and Haematologist. He carried out much of his training in Edinburgh. He held senior positions in his field across the UK, including in Edinburgh, Bristol, London, and Manchester. Professor Eden retired in 2008 but continues to be active within medical organisations such as the World Health Organisation, and World Child Cancer which he helped to create.

This interview took place on 13 October 2020.


00:00 Description of medical career and professional activities during retirement

04:27 Thoughts on the recent history of pandemic response preparation in UK government

07:27 Long-term health effects of the coronavirus pandemic and of the disease itself

13:45 Demographics particularly vulnerable to coronavirus

15:11 Long-term effects of the pandemic on the NHS and healthcare (including comments on provision of care in care homes)

17:01 Thoughts on UK and Scottish government response

25:47 Public response to the pandemic

35:46 Personal experiences of contracting coronavirus

45:15 Views on finding information surrounding the pandemic, and the effect of social media, the internet, and television

47:45 Effect of the coronavirus pandemic internationally and thoughts on the UK’s position in Europe

49:48 Comments on role and position of public health sector

53:39 Experiences of homelife and professional life during lockdown, self-isolation, and support of family and friends during this time