The Inside the Apothecary Jar box brings students to the source of medicines from the 1600s to the 1800s. The objects in the box include pressed and prepared plant samples made by the Royal Botanic Gardens. It also includes plant and animal specimens from our own stores. The box features Cantharides specimen, which is a Spanish fly used in many Scottish medicines. The activities engage students in a global conversation about where, and how, many of the materials in the box are sourced.

Contents of our Inside the Apothecary Jar box (PDF)

If you would like to borrow this box to use in your classroom, please email to start the process.

This project would not have been possible without the support of volunteers. Thank you to those who helped with the behind-the-scenes development: Sarah Takhar, Stephanie Tierney & logo design by Millie Jane Smith


Inside the Apothecary Jar Teacher Guide (ppt)

Physik Garden Cards (doc)

Physik Garden Handout (doc)

Teacher Guide Build a Physik Garden (ppt)

Symptom Banner (doc)

Symptom Worksheet (doc)

Symptom Teacher Guide (ppt)

Where in the World Teacher Guide (ppt)

Where in the World Worksheet (doc)

Where in the World Worksheet Answer Key (doc)

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