The Epidemics box includes historical objects and archives from four separate infectious diseases: Smallpox, the Plague, Cholera and Covid-19. The star object is a replica of the type of plague mask used in Scotland. The activities in this box challenge students to build a city plan for a fictitious infectious disease and challenges them to stop a disease from spreading in their own classroom.

Contents of our Epidemics box (PDF)

If you would like to borrow this box to use in your classroom, please email to start the process.

This project would not have been possible without the support of volunteers. Thank you to those who helped with the behind-the-scenes development: Sarah Takhar, Stephanie Tierney & logo design by Millie Jane Smith


Activity 1: Epidemics (ppt)

Activity 1: Epidemics Worksheet (doc)

Activity 2: Don't Catch Me (ppt)

Activity 3: Epidemics (ppt)

Activity 3: Epidemics Worksheet (doc)

Activity 3: Bios (ppt)

Activity 3: Diseases and Timeline (ppt)

Activity 4: Epidemics (ppt)

Activity 4: Epidemics Worksheet (doc)

Activity 4: Disease Prompts (ppt)

Cholera Interp Cards (ppt)

COVID Interp Cards (pdf)

Epidemics Station Labels (doc)

Plague Interp Cards (ppt)

Smallpox Interp Cards (ppt)