Manveer Rahi is a junior doctor at the Western General Hospital in Edinburgh, working in colorectal surgery. He has previously worked at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh in cardiothoracic surgery. He also sits on the Management Board for Trainees in the Lothians, representing approximately two to three hundred doctors in the South East of Scotland.

This interview took place on 9 October 2020.


00:38 (link is external) - The effect of coronavirus pandemic on working hours and practices

03:45 (link is external) - Comments on availability of medicines, medical equipment, and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

04:50 (link is external) - Comments on how the pandemic affected role on Management Board for Lothian Trainees

10:07 (link is external) - Complexities of treating coronavirus patients

12:51 (link is external) - Complexities of treating patients with non-coronavirus health concerns during the pandemic

16:30 (link is external) - Thoughts on the long-term impact of the coronavirus pandemic on medicine, surgery, research and development, and use of technology within the NHS

21:15 (link is external) - Government response to the pandemic

24:39 (link is external) - Public response to the pandemic

27:26 (link is external) - Personal experiences of friends and colleagues contracting coronavirus

30:30 (link is external) - Effect of the pandemic and lockdown on home-life routines

32:18 (link is external) - Comments on wellbeing and mental health support for medical professionals during the pandemic

37:58 (link is external) - Views on finding information surrounding the pandemic

40:47 (link is external) - Closing comments on the importance of hearing stories about working and living through the pandemic from differing perspectives