Dr John Crichton is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh. He is a Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist working in Edinburgh and is currently the Chair of the Royal College of Psychiatrists in Scotland.

This interview took place on 7 October 2020.

Issues with the audio and video quality are due to problems with the internet connection at the time of recording.


00:00 Introduction

00:30 The effect of coronavirus pandemic on working hours and practices

05:33 Long-term effects of the mental health impact of the coronavirus pandemic

10:58 Government response to the pandemic in terms of metal well-being

12:57 Personal experiences of coronavirus and self-isolation (colleagues, patients, acquaintances)

15:46 Effect of the pandemic and lockdown on home-life routines

18:35 Wellbeing and mental health support given to medical professionals

22:58 Views on finding information surrounding the pandemic

27:37 Closing comments on the coronavirus as a pivotal moment in history and society, and looking to the future