Dr Adelina McLeod is a Collegiate Member of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh and is also the current Chair of the College’s Trainee and Members Committee. Dr McLeod's speciality is geriatrics and she will become a Consultant in summer 2021.

This interview took place on 7 October 2020.


00:00 Introduction

00:41 The effect of coronavirus pandemic on working hours and practices

00:50 Comments on availability of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

09:09 Complexities of treating patients during the coronavirus pandemic

13:14 Thoughts on the long-term impact of the coronavirus pandemic on health and mental health including on the elderly

16:20 Long-term effects of the coronavirus pandemic on the NHS

19:07 Government response to the pandemic

22:37 Public response to the pandemic

25:53 Personal experiences of working through the coronavirus pandemic and effect on role as RCPE’s Chair of Trainee and Members Committee

28:23 Effect of the pandemic and lockdown on home-life routines

29:22 Wellbeing and mental health impact of the pandemic on medical professionals

31:14 Views on finding information surrounding the pandemic

35:05 Closing comments on the positive effects of the pandemic on compassion, creativity, community, and the environment, and how these qualities might be used to tackle health inequalities and crises in the future