A history of medicine podcast based on lectures and events at the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh


This podcast presents stories from the history of medicine. Casenotes examines some of the different ways that doctors have thought about health and illness over the past two thousand years, exploring a range of eye-opening subjects and intriguing events from antiquity. The podcasts are live recordings of events which have taken place in the College. To see the slides please check the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh Youtube channel.

The podcast is available to download on Spotify, iTunes, Podbean and Soundcloud.

The 1800s saw a series of scandals concerning individuals being

Dr Burney uses the notorious case of the serial murderer John

Since the early modern period, artists and anatomists have worked

In 1914, abdominal wounds were managed expectantly, without surgical

“For by the word Nose, throughout all this long chapter of noses, and

The plague was one of early modern Europe’s most deadly and feared

Tracey Jolliffe discusses the science of syphilis in the 21st century

The De humani corporis fabrica of Andreas Vesalius (1514-1564) is the