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Our first issue of 2014 covers topics from the demise of therapeutic bloodletting to the responsible management of drivers who have physical disabilities or show early signs of dementia, affecting their safety on the roads. I wish to draw the attention of all readers, whether old or young, to an editorial from former president, Professor Michael Oliver, illustrating the merits of ‘wondering’. When did you last examine established facts and just ‘wonder’ what might explain them? Has Google searching replaced deep thinking?

Clinical papers in this issue study management of transient loss of consciousness, how to achieve more effective neuroimaging and show that geriatrician-led care of hip fractures can, inter alia, reduce hospital stays. The CME section also ranges widely; no clinician should fail to tackle the self-assessment questions. Finally our history section explores why ‘mortsafes’ were needed two centuries ago in Aberdeen and what James Bell Pettigrew’s role was in Victorian medicine.

It is a pleasure to announce that Dr Ben Dobb is the winner of the Senior Fellows Prize for 2013 (awarded to the doctor in training whose original paper was considered by a judging panel to be the best). The Journal team are most grateful to the Senior Fellows for this opportunity to recognise developing medical authors. Finally, we are extremely grateful for the huge commitment made by our peer-reviewers; although not often acknowledged, these colleagues play a vital part in ensuring the Journal’s quality.

Sandy Raeburn, Editor




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