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After years of major NHS concerns and comparable problems in the USA and elsewhere, what can our Journal do to help build and maintain quality healthcare on a global basis? This begins with clinical consultation; appropriate investigations and management follow. NHS strengths should highlight multidisciplinary teamwork; doctors, nurses, scientists, social workers and managers are only the frontline.

Our first two clinical papers tackle practices that have often been inconsistent: the change from intravenous to oral antimicrobial therapy and frailty assessment of elderly people admitted to hospital. Both papers identify simple changes which can improve standards. Cases of the quarter are also educational, not just for syndromal interest, but because of the principles illustrated, for example the need to consider future genetic diagnoses by storage of blood or DNA samples. Our current controversy looks at the benefits and/or pitfalls for doctors who use social media.

Professor Michael Bliss reviews JJR Macleod’s role in the discovery of insulin, restoring his reputation, previously much attacked by his academic contemporaries. We wish to draw readers’ attention to the excellent online review of Sir John Crofton’s memoirs on the Library & Archives section of the College website. This autobiography, drawn together by his family and for which proceeds will go to charity, is an excellent Christmas read.

We thank all our peer reviewers for their hard work and wish them and all readers a very happy and healthy festive period and New Year.

Sandy Raeburn, Editor



MF Baqai, MT Baqai, T Kashif

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N Edwards (Chair); N Gaw; O Giles; A Harkness; A Jack; S James; L Leitch; J Long; R Lyness; C McDonald; E Miller; P Murdoch; N Peden; L Smith; J Trueland; D Ward

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S Anathhanam, AJP Lewington

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L Burfield, AD Burden

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