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PD Syme
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Volume 36: Issue 1: 2006




Transcranial Doppler ultrasonography is a safe technique, which allows non-invasive assessment of intracerebral blood flow.  This article focuses on the recognition  of  physiological  and  pathological  TCD  waveforms. Transcranial Doppler  can  be  used  at  the  bedside  aiding  the  diagnosis  of  stroke  and complementing  other  imaging  modalities.  Due  to  the  discovery  of  a  new  TCD finding called small vessel knock, TCD may detect small vessel arterial occlusion when  conventional  angiography  is  negative.  This  review  provides  evidence  that TCD  increases  recanalization  of  occluded  arteries  with  and  without  rtPA  and preliminary  but  exciting  evidence  that  TCD  targeting  of  SVK  using  ultrasound alone  can  result  in  clinical  recovery.  Three  cases  are  shown  recovering  on  film using  this  new  technique.  Further  trials  are  planned  in  acute  stroke  and  other areas of medicine that may be associated with small vessel occlusion.  This could establish TCD as one of the most important techniques used in medicine.