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CO Michie
Journal Issue: 
Volume 38: Issue 3: 2008




This is an exciting time in the treatment of patients with cancer, as new therapies  and  technologies  begin  to  impact  on  patient  care.  The  concept  of individualisation  of  therapy  has  come  to  the  fore  in  both  clinical  practice  and  in cancer research; this excellent symposium introduced several ways in which new molecular  techniques  can  improve  patient  selection  and  aid  clinical  decision-making.  Methodical,  evidence-based  approaches  to  common  clinical  problems  in oncology were also presented. It is clear that the challenges now are to investigate and validate which potential new therapeutic targets are important in vivo, and to identify  which  subgroups  of  patients  benefit  most  from  specific  therapies  and which patients can be spared treatment and its inherent risk of potential morbidity. In addition to this, by working together to enhance supportive care and reduce toxicity, the ultimate goal of improved outcome for patients can be realised.