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MA Kurian
Journal Issue: 
Volume 39: Issue 1: 2009




Clinical  and  basic  research  in  paediatric  epilepsy  continues  to  have  a direct impact on the diagnosis and treatment of children with seizures. In recent years,  advances  in  molecular  biology  are  beginning  to  unravel  the  molecular processes underlying childhood epilepsy, and there is increased understanding of the role of ion channels (and their interacting proteins) in the pathophysiology of epilepsy. Clinical trials and Cochrane reviews of diagnosis, treatment and outcome have also contributed to the management of paediatric epilepsy. This symposium provided  an  excellent  forum  for  the  presentation  of  such  advances  in  the molecular  pathogenesis,  diagnosis  and  management  of  childhood  epilepsies  and related   co-morbidities.   Lectures   were   interspersed   with   interactive   case presentations that illustrated contemporary approaches to paediatric epilepsy and allowed current controversies in this field to be debated.