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L Fu
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Volume 39: Issue 2: 2009




Despite being of peasant stock from a small village on the southern coast  of  China,  Sun  Yat-sen  (1866–1925),  the  founder  and  first  provisional president of the Republic of China, was exposed to Western education early in life. Educated first in Hawaii and then in the British Crown Colony of Hong Kong, he was influenced by Christianity, democracy and liberalism. It was the years of his  tertiary  education  at  the  Hong  Kong  College  of  Medicine  that  moulded  his ultimate destiny as the healer of a nation. This article examines the importance of  this  medical  college  and  its  two  stalwarts,  Sir  Patrick  Manson  and  Sir  James Cantlie, in the transformation that shaped China’s modern history.