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KA Adamson, AE White, J Geddes, BM Frier, HR Gillett, MWJ Strachan
Journal Issue: 
Volume 39: Issue 3: 2009




This study aimed to assess the impact of screening positive for coeliac disease on a population of adults with type 1 diabetes. Fifty-three patients were identified with a positive screen for coeliac disease, out of a population of 2,752 individuals  with  type  1  diabetes  (minimum  prevalence  1.9%).  Prior  to  screening, 32% of patients were asymptomatic. Only a fifth of patients found no improvement in well-being with a gluten-free diet and in those who followed a strict gluten-free diet the improvement in well-being was greater (p=0.034). Screening was felt to be beneficial by 73%. The response did not relate to gluten-free diet adherence but did relate to symptom improvement (p=0.037). These data show that patients report an improvement in well-being with treatment and feel that screening for coeliac disease is beneficial.