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Volume 51: Issue 3: 2021
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J R Coll Physicians Edinb 2021; 51: 318




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In memoriam brings to the attention of Fellows and Collegiate Members the deaths of colleagues and friends. Obituaries paying tribute to the life and work of those whose deaths have been reported in In memoriam can be found on the College website:

Fellows and Collegiate Members are invited to provide the Obituaries Editor ( with information that will enable us to write or commission obituaries. Self-written obituaries to be held in readiness by the Obituaries Editor will always be welcome.

Dr JEJ Grainger FRCP Edin

Born: 27/03/1923 Died:

Specialty: General Internal Medicine

MB Edin 1946


Dr MAA Siddiqi FRCP Edin

Born: 01/11/1939 Died:

Specialty: Paediatrics/Community Child Health

MB Dhaka 1962, DCH 1969


Dr BL Griffiths FRCP Edin

Born: 14/02/1933 Died: 30/12/2020

Specialty: Paediatrics/Community Child Health

MB Lond 1956, DCH 1960, MRCP Edin 1966


Dr SJ Surtees FRCP Edin

Born: 17/10/1928 Died: 13/01/2021

Specialty: General Internal Medicine

MB L’pool 1952, MRCP Edin 1960


Professor D Ogston CBE FRCP Edin

Born: 31/05/1932 Died: 02/03/2021

Specialty: General Internal Medicine

MB Aberd 1957, DTM&H Edin 1959, PhD Aberd 1962, MRCP Edin 1963 Blood, MD Aberd 1969, DSc Aberd 1975


His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid FRCP Edin

Born: Died: 24/03/2021

Specialty: Non-Medical


Dr GFA Howie FRCP Edin

Born: 04/12/1927 Died: 15/04/2021

Specialty: Radiology

MB Edin 1950, MRCP Edin 1954, MD Edin 1968


Professor EP Chelluri FRCP Edin

Born: 01/01/1953 Died: 21/04/2021

Specialty: General Internal Medicine

MB Hyderabad 1980


Dr JR Colston FRCP Edin

Born: 15/02/1931 Died: 15/05/2021

Specialty: Rheumatology

MB Lond 1957, MRCP Edin 1965 Med Dis Loc Syst


Dr RLC Cumming FRCP Edin

Born: 07/11/1935 Died: 28/05/2021

Specialty: Haematology

MB Glasg 1959, MRCP Edin 1965 Blood, MD Glasg 1971, DObstRCOG


Dr JE Richardson FRCP Edin

Born: 24/12/1932 Died: 03/06/2021

Specialty: Paediatrics/Community Child Health

MB Edin 1957, DCH Glasg 1960, MRCP Edin 1967 Child Life


Sir DA Rees FRCP Edin

Born: 28/04/1936 Died: 10/06/2021

Specialty: Non-Medical

BSc Wales 1953, PhD Wales 1959, DSc Edin 1970, Hon DSc Edin 1989; Wales 1991; Stirling 1995; Leic 1997


Mr AG Karseras OBE FRCP Edin

Born: 31/10/1935 Died: 01/07/2021

Specialty: Surgery

BSc 1957, MRCS Eng,LRCP Lond 1961, MB Lond 1961, MRCP Edin 1967, DO Eng 1966


Dr D Lamb FRCP Edin

Born: 07/07/1935 Died: 21/07/2021

Specialty: Pathology

MRCS,LRCP Eng, MB Lond 1959, PhD Lond 1967


Dr TFG Esmonde FRCP Edin

Born: 14/10/1970 Died: 24/07/2021

Specialty: Neurology

MB Dublin 1984, MD Dublin 1995


Professor O Pascu FRCP Edin

Born: 06/05/1939 Died: 01/08/2021

Specialty: Gastroenterology

MD Cluj-Napoca 1963, Dr Med Cluj-Napoca 1974, PhD Cluj-Napoca 1975


Sir APM Forrest FRCP Edin

Born: 25/03/1923 Died: 07/08/2021

Specialty: Surgery

BSc St And 1942, MB St And 1945, ChM St And 1954, MD St And 1958


Dr G J Stott FRCP Edin

Born: 16/11/1927 Died: 14/08/2021

Specialty: Infectious Diseases & Tropical Medicine

MRCS Eng, LRCP Lond 1951, DTM&H Lond 1953, MRCP Edin 1955