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C Booth
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Volume 37: Issue 1: 2007




The  term  ‘Atlanticism’  is  used  to  define  the  cooperation  between Western European and North American nations, usually in matters of politics or defence. The purpose of this paper is to show that from the time of the Spanish conquistadors, there  has  been  an  effective  communication  in  medical  matters across the Atlantic that can best be defined as ‘Medical Atlanticism’.  As colonies developed  in  North  America,  there  were  increasing  contacts  with  European nations. During the eighteenth century, the University of Edinburgh played a major role but later, in the nineteenth century, France, then Germany and Vienna, shaped the  development  of  medicine  in  the  United  States.   Britain  was  to  be  greatly influenced by the example of first Germany, then the United Staes. Today,‘Medical Atlanticism’ is an outmoded term since medicine has become global.