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P Stride, A Houston, D Ratnapala, J Perron
Journal Issue: 
Volume 37: Issue 2: 2007




The aim of this study was to audit our management of hip fracture and to  compare  the  results  with  the  Scottish  Hip  Fracture  Audits  of  both  2004  and 2006.   We  present  data  utilising  a  subset  of  the  SAHFE  proforma  on  500 consecutive  admissions  to  Redcliffe  Hospital  with  a  fractured  hip, a  review  of progress  at  four  months  post-operatively  and  a  comparison  of  outcomes  in orthopaedic  units  in  Scottish  hospitals.  We  outline  how  the  audit  helped  us  to detect  long  emergency  department  door-to-operating  theatre  times  plus  a  high re-operation  rate  and  subsequently  identify  the  steps  required  to  improve  the quality of care and clinical governance of patients sustaining a hip fracture