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H Cooper, A Dhar
Journal Issue: 
Volume 39: Issue 3: 2009




Systematic studies of synchronous gastric and colonic cancer are rarely described in the literature, and most reports are single case studies. Synchronous cancer  may  be  detected  either  following  the  initial  presentation  with  new symptoms  or  as  part  of  routine  surveillance. Treatment  options  depend  on  the final diagnosis and staging of the individual lesions. We describe an unusual case of a 78-year-old patient who was diagnosed with a mixed hyperplastic-adenomatous gastric  polyp  (a  premalignant  condition)  and  was  subsequently  found  to  have  a colonic adenocarcinoma. The simultaneous presentation of an adenomatous polyp in  the  upper  digestive  tract  and  a  frank  cancer  in  the  lower  digestive  tract  is uncommon. A review of the literature questions the merits of routine surveillance in patients under the age of 50.